AirLab, works with entrepreneurs and creative teams to design, launch and test new products.

Arash Shiva

Marius Ciocirlan

AirLab was founded by Arash Shiva, co-founder of OpenCal (acquired by Groupon) and award winning designer. Along side him stands Marius Ciocirlan, Emmy award winning editor/animator and recently the senior product designer on the Groupon Mobile apps.

Arash & Marius both worked in the early stages of building the Groupon mobile apps as sole designers. In their tenure, they took the app from 30% to 65% of the overall company revenue, with a 5 star app rating, and more than 100 million downloads.

AirLab is based in Seattle, WA and works with clients world-wide including: Edmodo, Fanatics, ShareGrid, and Chromatik.

Portfolio available upon request.

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